A Brief History of Our Church

After the Civil War, as people moved from rural areas to seek work in the towns, Gastonia began to grow and prosper. The need for a place of worship in the town was recognized by Pisgah ARP Church.

On October 29, 1887, First ARP Gastonia was organized with forty-seven charter members.  Through the blessings of God on the faithful preaching of her ministers and the commitment of her members, First ARP soon outgrew the first small stucco meeting place at the corner of York and Franklin and built a larger facility on the same site in which the first service was held on February 24, 1918.  After World War II, the continued growth of the congregation made a new facility necessary and the first of the present buildings was dedicated at our current location on November 14, 1948.

Fourteen pastors have faithfully served Christ at First ARP during her one hundred twenty seven year history.  Eight men from this congregation have entered the Gospel ministry and a number of other sons and daughters have gone into full-time Christian service.

While the present vitality of First ARP owes a tremendous debt to those who have gone before, the congregation’s focus is not upon the past but upon the Christ our forebearers served and the future He offers to us today.


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